Preventing Premature Birth

Every Pregnant Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth
by Barbara Luke
Reprinted by iUniverse, 2002
ISBN 0-595-23854-8, 241 pages

Also published in Spanish as Cómo Prevenir El Parto Prematuro, by Barbara Luke
Published by Grupo Editorial Norma, Columbia, SA, 1996
ISBN 958-04-3511-1

Originally Published by Times Books/Random House, 1995
ISBN 0-8129-2472-X, 240 pages

This was my first book written for the pregnant woman. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Emile Papernik, a leading French obstetrician, and the researchers at INSERM, the French NIH on a study of American nurses and the effect of work on pregnancy outcome, including premature birth (three or more weeks before the due date). I was so impressed with how the French treat their employed pregnant women that I decided to take the message to American women. The book includes a thorough discussion of the 60 proven risk factors that can lead to premature birth and how to reduce them in your daily life. Originally published by Random House in 1995, it has now been reprinted by iUniverse and is once again available. That beautiful baby on the cover is my son Peter at one year of age.

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