Program Your Baby's Health

Program Your Baby's Health
By Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein
Published by Ballantine Books/Random House, 2001
ISBN 0-345-44199-0, 420 pages

This book is the second collaboration with Tamara Eberlein. Based on the newest scientific research which suggests that how children grow before birth and during early childhood affects their risks for developing many chronic diseases as an adult, including hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even asthma, this book includes hundreds of references and readings. Originally termed the Barker Hypothesis, it is now known as metabolic programming, and it places good maternal nutrition at the heart of your unborn child's well-being-- now and for decades to come. By eating right when you're expecting, you can significantly boost your baby's chances of enjoying excellent lifelong health, and this book shows you how. From preconception through pregnancy, then from birth through adolescence, this book translates the most current scientific knowledge into practical guidelines, focusing on diet, health, and growth. Included are menus and 60 recipes all chosen for optimal nutrition and maximum taste, as well as the newest Center for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts.

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