Security Compliance Statement: Credit Card and Personal Medical Information

What is HIPAA?
In August, 1996 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA, became law. It's purpose was to simplify the processing and distribution of medical information, improve the portability of health insurance, as well as protecting patient data that is stored, processed, or transmitted across public networks.

How is a HIPAA-compliant web site?
Yes. To be HIPAA-compliant, a web site must provide the physical and technological security measures required to ensure that patient information remains secure and confidential, protected from being digitally intercepted or accessed by outside parties. And we have done just that, with security measures that make each interaction protected and safe. Secure pages display a lock on the browser window indicating that all of the information submitted through that page is encrypted and protected.

What steps are taken to protect credit card and personal medical information?
Several important steps have been taken to protect your privacy, including encryption, firewalls, internal access, and password-access. When you transmit personal information from your computer to our servers, we encrypt it using Secure Socket Layer (128 bit SSL), the industry-standard encryption technology. This provides a secure means to protect your information as it passes over the Web to our servers. Our servers are protected from network intrusion using firewalls and other technical means. Only you and Dr. Luke have access to your information, and both are user-ID and password-protected. If you believe that this security has been breached, please contact Dr. Luke at